Scheduling a “Cheat Day”

Hello beautiful people, fellow Life Travelers!

So, I wanted to talk about Scheduling a “Cheat Day” into your plan for health 🙂

This is strategy where you actually plan AHEAD of time and realize that there is going to be one meal or one day out of the week where you would be tempted to “stray” from eating healthy.  Why feel guilty about it, when you can PLAN for it?

This is really a beautiful strategy, in my mind, because it allows you a mental break from always being conscious about what you are eating.  You ALLOW YOURSELF to eat foods and drink beverages that are not ‘healthy’ and you won’t feel bad about it because you know that the next day you will be right back to eating healthy.  Did you notice I didn’t say, “you’ll be back on track”?

The Journey to Health isn’t about “staying on track”, it is about eating healthy and establishing healthy habits for a life-time.  So, unless you plan to NEVER eat un-healthy again, then you’ll need to have a strategy to allow yourself to indulge a little every now and then.

So, how do you do it?  Very simple.  Think about your week and think about what day you would feel a challenge to eat only healthy food (for example…Sunday during the football game!).  Then you simply make a decision, even write it down in your schedule, to have a “Cheat Day”.

Then, you make a Resolution to eat healthy the rest of the week because you know that you will be allowing yourself to have the unhealthy food in a social setting.  You should NEVER feel bad about a “cheat day” because it’s all part of the plan to stay sane and enjoy yourself and you’ll be eating healthy the next day as well.

So, what are those rules again?

  • *Schedule a cheat day when you know you’re going to want unhealthy food (usually a social event will be best)
  • Resolve to eat healthy and workout the rest of the week so that you can ‘earn’ your cheat day
  • Never feel bad about having a cheat day, you’ve earned it! 🙂

Now, there is one important caution about having a “cheat day”.  You can NOT let the cheat day become a gateway into falling back into old habits!  This would be the only thing that would be negative about having a cheat day.

Remember that your health will depend on what you are doing CONSISTENTLY and not what you do every now and then (i.e. the “cheat day”).

So, be 100% perfect, 90% of the time 🙂  I’m not sure who to credit for that quote, I’ve heard it several several times, but it’s true!  That 10% (i.e. “cheat day” or “day off” from working out) is not going to make or break your health and fitness goals.  What WILL break you is what you are doing the other 90% of the time.

Okay Life Travelers, continue on this Journey to Health with me and let’s schedule those cheat days once a week and enjoy them for what they are.



*Your friendly, neighborhood VeganChicanoDoctor

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