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Hello beautiful people, fellow Life Travelers!

I started this Blog as a forum to share tons of FREE information to any and everyone who wants to get Back Into Shape and have a community of like-minded people to make the Journey with, Whoohoo!

My name is Ray Angelo.  As you may have gathered form the name of the site, I am Vegan, I am Chicano and I am a Doctor (Family Medicine Physician, to be exact).  I have many, many passions and my biggest passion is to make positive contributions to this world is a combination of Health and Fitness and Helping others to achieve their goals!

The Journey Back to Health started Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011.

So, what do we do now?  Here is your Navigation Central getting started with the community continuing on a Journey of Health, Fitness and Well-being 🙂 These are articles loaded with information on everything for ease of starting your journey and getting pumped up about it! Go, go go!!!

Again, go to my Navigation Central for easy navigation to the whole site 🙂

If you also want another easy way to navigate the site, choose which “Category” (left hand column of site) you’d like to read about and there will be all the blogs pertaining to that topic.

Okay beautiful people, let’s GO Go GO!!!

Chi-Cano: Flowing with the Chi of the Universe and surfing the waves of Light and Good eNeRGY! ~~~~~~~(Painting by Ray Angelo)



~Ray Angelo

*Your friendly, neighborhood VeganChicanoDoctor

*Dont forget to get a Check Up with your Primary Care Physician before starting any new exercise or dietary regimen! (Read my Disclaimer)


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